3D Topicscape 1.07.554

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A different way to organize information and ideas: in a 3D setting.

3D Topicscape implements a conceptual map to organize your ideas and thoughts better, ordered and clear. The difference with this program to others is that it organizes the information in 3D in place of 2D tables and diagrams.

It has a tool to capture ideas as they come onto a 3D map. If you think visually, you can organize your projects or information, files, objects etc much better. Whatever you need or comes to you at any moment.

Mental or conceptual maps are very powwerful tools in work environments. But they will be better still if they are well organized and clearly laid out. 3D Topicscape comes to achieve this, with unlimited hierarchy levels. You can zoom into or pass over any zone of the 3D map as if it were a videogame.

The main 3D Topicscape characteristics:

* Organize your work.

* It lets you brainstorm in real time.

* Easily manage the structure of your projects.

* Organize and classify information of all types: collections, objects, websites, files ... everything you need.

* It helps you at work or studying.

* By thinking visually you avoid confusion. It´s more comfortable and clear than 2D tables.

* Copy and transfer information easily.

* You can build a schematic, or Topicscape, directly and automatically from any source.

Requirements: the program needs a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM memory, a 3D graphics card and a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.


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